Game scenario


Team Deathmatch – two teams fights for the best score. That means hit as many enemies as you can, take low damage overall and get a good accuracy in the match. Every team has infinite respawns at the base. This is the very first scenario, good for newbies and to get used to lasertag equipment.

Checkpoint territories – scenario about domination. In the middle of playfield is a checkpoint, that you can capture by shooting it. It will glow your team color and your team timer will start since. Team with more time on the domination counter wins the round. Every team has infinite respawns at the base. Your stamina is really handy in this type of game.

Defuse bomb – classical CS scenario, SWAT Vs Terrorists. Terrorists needs to place a bomb(s) to one of marked places and activate it. SWAT has to prevent that. If bomb goes off, terrorists win. Players have only limited number of lives.

Capture the flag – as the name says, you will fight over flags. Each team has a flag on their base that you have to protect. To score a point, you have to steal enemy flag. Coop-heavy game, also the most played one. Best suits for large groups.

Free for All – ou yea! Everyone for himself. Players have 100 hitpoints, weapon is set for lowest damage, no respawning. Last man standing scores a point and gains a weapon upgrade. Pistol, SMG, sniper rifle… Very good for smaller groups.

Sniper match – two teams equipped with sniper rifles hunts for each other. The game has a time limit, team with highest score wins. This scenario is really campy with almost no running. Game has two phases, in the second phase, we add also defuse bomb.

Sniper hunting – one player – sniper Vs. SWAT team. SWAT players have to find and eliminate enemy sniper. He has, of course, more hitpoints and better weapon, but is all alone versus a group. Ideal for an experienced player.

Zombie night – night horror-scenario game based on resident evil series. Your team versus zombies (our extras). Your mission is Umbrella corp. Petržalka labs recon, solve puzzles and fight the zombie horde. Mission goal is simple, save the World or die trying.

Counter Strike – based on most played shooter game, Terrorists Vs CT fights each other and doing mission on the same time (defuse bomb, hostages, VIP), equipped with variety of weapons (knives, pistols, SMGs, sniper rifles)

Goal of the terrorist is, for example, to place a bomb on a marked spot and get it off. Here the game contrary continues, explosion site becomes a radiation zone. Players in the zone gets periodical damage. Terrorists will get better weapons and CounterTerrorists have to deal with the situation …. how? You will find out by playing this scenario 🙂